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Alopecia FAQ, hair regrowth treatment. Androgenic
alopecia and alopecia areata..  Proscar, propecia, and
finasteride regrow hair sometimes.  So does minoxidil aka rogaine.
Hairloss treatment grows hair and regrows hair.

Peter H. Proctor, PhD, MD

Regrowth of hair loss is often possible. Beginning in 1984, I developed our various treatments for hair loss by systematically screening new baldness treatment agents on persons who had previously failed other treatments for hair loss. So far, the US patent office has awarded to us nine US patents for the treatment of alopecia, hair loss and balding. I have been the subject of articles in various media, including Newsweek, Esquire, and Men's Health magazines.

How could an individual physician make discoveries in hair loss treatment? First, in contrast to drug companies, private physicians are exempt from most FDA regulation. Doctors can use any approved agent for any medically-indicated purpose, such as hair regrowth and hair loss treatment. Thus, we can easily explore and refine therapies for pattern balding and other types of hair loss. In fact, many new therapies are developed just this way. Similarly, in addition to a physician, I am also a PhD Pharmacologist, active in skin drug research for over twenty-five years. Since we are specialists in the art, most new drug discoveries originate with PhD pharmacologists. This includes those for hair loss treatment.

We offer several prescription and non-prescription programs for the treatment. While the only real way to find out if something is going reverse hair loss is to try it, our most potent hair regrowth formulation is regular prescription Proxiphen, followed by nonprescription Proxiphen-N, and then NANO Hair Regrowth Shampoo and lastly, NANO Hair Regrowth Conditioner.

Proxiphen-N and NANO shampoo and conditioner for hair regrowth carry limited warranties and are less expensive than regular prescription Proxiphen. They do not require a prescription and are particularly useful to determine if you are a candidate for medical treatment of hair loss and as suppliments to hair-loss treatment with minoxidil ( " Rogaine " ).

These products can also be used alone for hair loss. Although originally formulated as an adjuvant to other therapies, NANO shampoo alone can regrow hair in some persons previously did not regrow hair on plain minoxidil. NANO shampoo and Proxiphen-N are a particularly-effective non-prescription combination for hair loss regrowth..

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